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With our asola EnergiePLUS® components, we're advancing the concepts of generating and using solar power as well as system networking.

asola EnergiePLUS® components ar photovoltaic elements manufactured in compliance with the 'Technical rules for the use of linear supported glazing' pursuant to DIN 18008 as well as DIN EN 61215 and 61730, and have been granted 'general building approval' by DIBt (German Institute of Civil Engineering).

We offer a wide range of customized solutions for BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics), such as applications for rear ventilated curtain facades, roofing systems and safety glazing. Visually appealing integration into the building's exterior is enabled by flexibility in terms of shape, size and colour. Alongside the basic function of generating and using solar energy, these applications are available with additional benefits such as blocking heat, sun and glare, weather protection, noise insulation, shading, and fire and burglary prevention. Variable protection from the sun and heat is provided by adapting the transmission ratio and special coating techniques. Moreover, indoor brightness and climate can be adjusted as required. asola's photovoltaik modules for building-integrated applications are specifically designed in line with the client's requirements and environmental conditions (for instance to ensure they easily withstand extreme heat or heavy snow), and last for more than twenty years.

Our developments have a general building approval including flammability classification.

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Laminated solar glass elements asola VITRUM®

The product famliy asola VITRUM® includes laminated solar glass elements manufactured in compliance with the 'Technical rules for the use of linear support glazing' pursuant to DIN 18008 for use in facades, overhead applications and safety systems.

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These solar laminated glass elements for facade solutions are manufactured both in standard sizes ...

... and in custom sizes for tailored applications pursuant to DIN 18008.

Depending on the type of facade, facade grid and building height, solar laminated glass elements can be integrated as a cold facade into both new and existing buildings.

asola VITRUM® SunSecret

Solar laminated glass elements for overhead glazing with shading function and/or ...

... sun protection for a variety of applications such as carports, conservatories and large industrial units. Like all our applications, this is a certified construction product pursuant to DIN 18008 with general building approval.

asola VITRUM® Balcony

We offer solar laminated glass balustrade systems as a complete solution including solar element ...

... mounting system, (concealed) wiring, and also an inverter if required. The solar elements in the asola VITRUM® Balcony system are available with clear glass or in a choice of colours, and with a smooth or textured glass surface.

asola VITRUM® Balcony is available in both glass + glass and stainless steel + glass versions.

Mounting systems asola SolidTec®

asola SolidTec® mounting systems are distinguished by their safety, quality and easy installation. They are perfectly matched to our solar elements, creating an ideal combination for overhead glazing.

Our overhead mounting systems aren't just suitable for carports and conservatories - they're also ideal for roofing systems for industrial units and terraces as well as special roofing solutions needed for bus stops, bike stations or atriums.

asola SolidTec® is a special waterproof horizontal mounting system which is ideal for sophisticated designs thanks to concealed cable routing and connection methods.


Insulating laminated glass elements asola VIRILUX®

Under the asola VIRILUX® brand, we develop and manufacture insulating laminated glass elements for post-an-beam systems used in facade and window systems as well as for overhead applications.

asola VIRILUX® insulating glazing is tailored to customers' specifications.

  • Sophisticated aesthetics thanks to various glass colours, cell colours and patterns
  • Glass surfaces can also be partly covered, e.g. only below or above the field of vision
  • Compatible with all standard profile systems
  • Available with heat or sun protection coating
  • Space between panes filled with inert gas (argon or krypton) depending on U-value required
  • Easy to maintain thanks to bypass element which can be accessed internally and replaced
  • Plug-and-play solution with cable harness and plug-in connection system in the profile


Curved laminated glass elements asola spheric®

asola spheric® curved laminated safety glass elements with PV for overhead applications and custom solutions.

Originally developed for the automotive sector, the technology of spherically curved laminated glass elements with PV offers unique design options for architects and designers. This premium product combines high structural stability with an exclusive appearance.

asola spheric® elements are manufactured in either cold or hot moulding processes. Connection and wiring can be concealed or visible as required.

asola spheric® products have been certified under DIN 18008 and granted general building approval.

In brief


  • Spherically curved PV elements for unique architectural designs
  • High bending radius thanks to special manufacturing technology
  • Exceptional aesthetics due to choice of glass colours, cell colours and patterns
  • Suitable for roofs of industrial units and atriums as well as custom solutions
  • The same bonding technology as used in automotive manufacturing